7 Gables

Enter . . . if you dare

into this tangled tale from

America’s original macabre

Scare Master. A sweeping saga

of greed and revenge, which winds

its wicked way through the centuries

beginning with a Wizard’s curse shouted

from the scaffold during the Salem Witch

Trials of 1692. Generation after generation

of two families are haunted by the original sins

of their ancestors and are doomed to relive them.

A mesmerising theatrical adventure bubbling over

with eerie atmosphere and bone-chilling sound effects,

period songs, psalms and a fateful nursery rhyme conjured

up from beyond the grave!  A Gothic Romance seen through

the eyes of two teens, who discover a doll house of seven  gables

with strange and mysterious figurines living  inside . . . inhabitants



















past, present and future of  .  .  .  The House of the Seven Gables!