Fallen City

A Latino teenager is slaughtered by a vengeful racist gang on the front steps of an old man’s house. The man is accused of throwing the youth out of his house, feeding him to the wolves. A City boils over with rage, stoked by opportunistic politicians and religious leaders playing to the 24-hour news media. 

What really happened that night? The victim’s idealistic high school teacher seeks the truth behind the headlines, forging an unlikely bond with the shell-shocked man whose silence has left him a pariah, branded “The Bad Samaritan.” They confront each other in a house haunted by Shadows of the dead and the living: the boy’s grieving mother, his pregnant girlfriend and her bloodthirsty brothers, the man’s wife who died soon after the murder and his long deceased son . . . all mysteriously connected to the events of one horrifying, yet ennobling, night. Together the two men struggle to find meaning in an act of meaningless savagery. 
Laced with tuning fork terror, shot through with wry wit and unexpected humor and, yes, tenderness, the script is brought to life with gripping theatricality through evocative lighting, music and sound effects. The inspiring play is based on a true story that only becomes truer with each passing year.