About Us

About Our Name . . .

One of our earliest and most successful productions was the romantic musical adventure Lighthouse, suggested by Ibsen’s haunting and enigmatic Lady from the Sea.  In our production, the action was transported from Norway to the nineteenth century coast of New England -- the very locale immortalized by Celia Thaxter, a pioneer female lighthouse keeper, and the last of a dying dynasty, in her memoir, Among the Isles of Shoals.  The Isles of Shoals are the site of one of the great New England lighthouses.  When automation rendered the lighthouse keeper obsolete, they were transformed into an arts colony, becoming a different sort of beacon, one which searches inwardly and illuminates the soul.  Isle of Shoals Productions, Inc. provides a supportive haven for early- and mid-career artists struggling to hold true to course in pursuing their unique visions and perfecting their talents, even in defiance of forever-changing intellectual currents and cultural fads.  Ours will never be that same tired journey seeking the “next new thing” nor will we fear the unexpected if it happens to be the next outstanding thing.  Our hope is that by bringing together experienced theatre professionals with newcomers of fresh ideas, ideals and talent, as well as men and women from a wide diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we can forge a body of work to be proud of:  bold, insightful, and challenging on its own terms, without ever sacrificing the highest and most enduring theatrical -- as well as human -- values.


Mission Statement