About Our Company . . .

In the early 1990s a group of dedicated writers, directors, actors, musicians and other theatre professionals banded together informally as “Isle of Shoals Productions”.  We had all been working off-off-Broadway, where budgets are limited and resources scarce.  And though we never suffered a shortage of artistic energy, too often we felt it was poured into projects that in the end felt starved and bare bones despite our best individual efforts.  To help remedy this, the founders of Isle of Shoals decided to link up with other theatre groups to pool resources.  Aware that name recognition is the name of the game in the competitive New York theatre scene, where theatre-goers are inundated with choices, Isle of Shoals members have spread the reputation of the company by contributing valuable services and invaluable time, as well as whatever theatrical needs we happened to have in stock; in some cases requesting only that Isle of Shoals be prominently credited on flyers, postcards, programs and press releases.  Realizing that our training, experience and wide-ranging expertise have made us experts on making “less” feel like “more”, we incorporated as Isle of Shoals Productions, Inc. in late 1999.  Now, since having been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, we can produce our own shows and touring productions with the assistance of contributions, small grants and nominal fees from those organizations wishing to book one of our productions.  This allows us to more completely pursue our artistic goals, in particular that of joining drama and music in innovative ways that we hope will inspire or reawaken an appreciation of the limitless possibilities of live theatre in our audiences -- a major part of our mission.