We are grateful to each and every one of our valiant contributors, many of whom contribute to Isle of Shoals on a regular basis.  We also hold a special place in our hearts for The Josephine Foundation, which for the past 7 years has awarded Isle of Shoals increasingly generous grants as part of their "Follow Your Dreams" Awards Program.  (And anyone familiar with the financing of off-off-Broadway theatre in space-starved New York City is aware how perilous it is becoming to follow your dreams!)

The Josephine Foundation contributes not only to arts organizations like us, but to numerous social causes as well.  To learn more about this remarkable organization, visit their web site at The Josephine Foundation.com.

Isle of Shoals Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation.  If you would like to make a contribution to support theatre that unites drama and music in unexpected and eye-opening and ear-opening ways, please mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

Isle of Shoals Productions, Inc.
119 West 72nd St., #457
New York, NY 10023


You will be added to our web site and listed in future programs and publicity.

Our thanks to all our generous contributors over the years.

($5,000 and above)

Dick and Arlene Schulman -- our very first
Anne E. Hewett*
IOS Special Friend: “Anonymous”*


Charles L. Booth*
Susan Eastman*

Fifty-First Avenue Academy
Chris & Elizabeth Kern

Mike McKenna*
NY Downtown Hospital

Michael & Phyllis Pinto*

Brian & Kathy Simpson*
Ben and Pat Williams*

ANGELS ($500-$999)
BENEFACTORS ($250-$499)

Professor Albert Fisher
John Granger, Jr.
Donn B. Murphy*
Michael & Pat Schumaecker

Annette Triquère*
Anita Williams*

Art & Mary Williams*

Bonnie Hewett*
Williams S. & Therese Kleiman*
Bobbie Law*
Anita Mochnacz*
North Shore Center for the 
   Performing Arts
Judith J.K. Polson*
Jack and Heather Terzian*

*an asterisk next to a name denotes multiple contributions

SPONSORS ($100-$249)
SUPPORTERS ($50-$99)
FRIENDS ($25-$49)
Seth Blum
Robert Dahdah
Dr. Steven Friedman

John Granger, Jr.*
Rick & Aimee Harper*
Randy and Janine McFadden
The Occasional Theatre (LA)*
Joel & Carolyn Seiff*
The Rabel Family
Robert G. & Marilyn H. Savarese
Susan Shay
Dr. & Mrs. David Silverman*
Charlie & Cecilia Vaicels*
The Zelman Family*
Anne D. Bodgin*
Jennifer & John Costa
David Funke
Lisa Givens
Ivette Gonzalez
Brice Hammack
Frank Rudo
Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. Schiff*
Mark and Darcy Singer Fund
Daniel & Lou Ann Skinner
Andrew J. & Sandra Taraska
(in memory of Anne E. Hewett)
Debbie Lee Vogel*
Matthew Bellas
Antoinette L. Bonfiglio
Magdalen Brown
Lylah Chansky
Dr. Martin Fedder
Michael Fois
Renee Levitt
Shauna McCarthy
Brian & Kathy Simpson
(in memory of Anne E. Hewett)
Linda Gayle Spradley
Geoffrey Young