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That Lady from Maxim’s is about as far away from Elizabethan tragedy as one can get.  This world premiere musical farce by Isle of Shoals resident playwright-composer Bryan Williams is based on La Dame de Chez Maxim, by Georges Feydeau, the French comic genius of the turn of the nineteenth-into-twentieth century who elevated the lowly sex farce to an art form.  A respectable married physician is lured by his devil-may-care compatriot to a night on the town at the notorious night spot Maxim’s.  The next morning he wakes up with a splitting headache, no memory of the night before -- and a strange woman in his bed.  The more desperately he tries to extricate himself from the situation, the deeper he gets tangled in a delirious web of misunderstanding.  A fast and funny musical romp of mistaken identity and missed connections, set in delightfully decadent Belle Epoque Paris.

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