mission statement

Isle Of Shoals: Our Mission

It should be no surprise to patrons who have helped us compose our twenty-four year story that our company’s name sounds to most ears at first like “I love shows.” Co-founders Bryan Williams, Lance Hewett and Annette Triquére founded Isle of Shoals out of that very sentiment: a pure love and excitement for the theater that grew and coalesced into a diehard passion for giving resonance to new, unheard theatrical voices – melodious and somber alike. Our motto is "Theatre for Discovery."  Since its founding, in 1995, Isle of Shoals has maintained a commitment to developing and producing pieces (from brand new to ancient), which might otherwise never or seldom get to see the light of day in our present theater ecosystem. The works Isle of Shoals gravitates towards are those which celebrate the human spirit and enrich the artistry of professionals of every stripe and creed, at every stage of their career. We pride ourselves on being the inclusive theater company that says “yes” to brilliant new ideas that are elsewhere met with echoing “no”s.

Isle of Shoals has invested deeply over the years in developing pieces that defy the commercial theatre tropes of “straight plays” and “musicals.”  Mindful that the earliest dramas were in fact chanted, and the earliest operas placed more emphasis on words than on music, we strive to find unique and adventurous ways to bring the two together.

Our work is aimed at creating superior, innovative performances, and also fostering a theatre-loving community that is one with, not apart from, the community at large. Collaborative efforts with not-for-profit charities such as The Trevor Project, Broadway Cares and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are at the core of our philosophy: that bold new storytelling is a powerful tool for community enrichment and social activism. Our company members reflect this as well! A group of multidisciplinary theatre artists of all races, ethnicities, age and gender identities, united in the belief that imagination, diversity and creative collaboration remain the keys not only to worthwhile and fulfilling theatre, but a better future in which to stage it.

Whether you’re interested in seeing our next production, making a tax-deductible donation, auditioning or submitting a new work to us, there’s no wrong way to become a part of that future.