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...the play is written wonderfully...From beginning to end, this well-written drama managing to keep the audience focused and wondering how this situation will ultimately was hard not to leave with a sense of bittersweet feelings, while also wondering about what was left behind, and also thinking about all the other families out there, in real-life, who may be dealing with similar situations as these characters did.

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The music is genuinely engaging, and the story of youthful aspirations coming up against the harshness of the show business world has much of the poignancy of Sondheim's "Merrily We Roll Along"...fully rounded characters that we can care deeply about...I enjoyed this show very much and was impressed by its ambition and achievement. 

The situations and relationships all seemed believable to me and the music enhanced the story mightily. 

hi dramas (Mark Savitt/Eva Heinemann)

Williams paints a Bob Ross still-life of a story, balancing broad strokes with minute details, so that the ultimate product is as viscerally gripping as it is intriguing, thought provoking, and inward-looking.  The whole soundtrack is an enchanting assortment that flows, changes, evolves, and ultimately spreads its wings and soars away into the sky.

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Occupation: Dragonslayer astoundingly beautiful and utterly transcendent experience.

Kevin F. Kelleher Blog

The only thing nearly as devastating as the loss of a loved one is how the world moves ever onward while you're still grieving. With this in mind, Bryan Williams and the late Lance Hewett cocreated Occupation: Dragonslayer, a contemporary musical fable reflecting on how New Yorkers have been coping with the aftermath of 9/11. . . Directed so beautifully by Stephen Ryan, who was a performer in the original production [and himself a rescue worker], DRAGONSLAYER is about that pride, that love, that kinship. And that magic. Our collectiveness as people, as New Yorkers, was magical...The songs are beautiful, poignant and funny. The cast – a solid ensemble.  . . . Thank you Isle of Shoals for bringing back this gem of a musical.

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In true ensemble fashion, [the performers] support and listen to each other beautifully. If it
looks like everyone respects their material, it’s because they do. If it looks like
they’re having fun, it’s because they are. In less capable hands, Dragonslayer
would have faltered. It’s a timely and surprisingly resonant treat that is never
lost in the shadow of the catastrophe from which it was inspired.

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Powerful musical set in a 24 hour diner a week away from its closing date . . .  Theme is the pain, hope and healing of people in NYC after the Towers were attacked. Songs . . . keep the twilight zone like intrigue knotted with the memories of that dreaded time competing for the heart of the audience. Cast is terrific, great vocals and dramatic acting and wrenching songs, at least for me. The rest of the audience seemed happy to applaud as much as I did, come to think of it. Do yourself a NY favor and go!

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Edward the Second

The prolific duo of Lance Hewett and Bryan Williams have crafted us a brilliant, new, musical treasure in Edward the Second.  Adapted from the 1594 work of Shakespeare's biggest contemporary, Christopher Marlowe, Edward the Second is one of the earliest English history plays...What makes the show exciting to watch are the plethora of stunning transformations that the characters undergo. What makes it fun to list to is Williams' masterful score - a delightful medley of styles from throughout the ages - sung by a choir of top-notch professionals.

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That Lady from Maxim's

Bryan Williams (Outstanding Original Script; Outstanding Original Score), Amara Haaksman (Outstanding Actress) and Lance Hewett (Outstanding Musical Production) enjoy their awards from NYMF (New York Musical Festival).

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